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Οφθαλμική Πλαστική είναι η Τέχνη της Οφθαλμολογίας με την αισθητική κατανόηση της πλαστικής χειρουργικής
Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is the Art of Ophthalmology with the aesthetic dimension of Plastic Surgery
Πραγματοποίησε την ευχή σου
Realize your wish
Οφθαλμική Πλαστική είναι η Τέχνη της Οφθαλμολογίας με την αισθητική κατανόηση της πλαστικής χειρουργικής
Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is the Art of Ophthalmology with the aesthetic dimension of Plastic Surgery
Πραγματοποίησε την ευχή σου
Realize your wish


Dr Trakos would like to welcome and invite you to browse our website and learn more about the Art of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmic Surgery.

Dr. Nikolaos Trakos

Dr. Nikolaos Trakos, is a distinguished Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyes and the area around the eyes – face.

Dr Trakos is specialized in Eyelids, Lacrimal System and Orbit as well as in Aesthetic Ophthalmology. He is one of the leading surgeons in state-of-art techniques such as endoscopic small incision techniques and treatments with LASER- radiofrequencies in his field.

Dr Trakos is Instructor in the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is invited speaker in international conferences as a specialist and has a high number of presentations and publications in conferences and scientific journals. Also he is author of international books in Oculoplastics* such as the “Aesthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation”.

People are referred to us from across the globe with what are sometimes very complicated problems. Doctors of different specialties such as eye doctors/ ophthalmic surgeons, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, endocrinologists, ENT surgeons and neurologists refer to us challenging cases.

Mostly our patients are people wanting to improve imperfections so they can feel better about themselves. Some wanted to improve physical features that had bothered them for some time.

Dr. Trakos contributions in the fields of eyelids and vision problems have changed the lives of many people by improving their appearance, increasing their confidence and improving the quality of life of many people. Dr Trakos has helped hundreds of people. Here are some patients’ stories.

Dr. Trakos and his staff would like to welcome you to browse our website to learn more about the Art of cosmetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgery. Please take this opportunity today to gain as much information and advice from your visit as you can.


We believe that the first step to beginning any cosmetic surgery procedure is an open communication line between the doctor and the patient. Taking the time to educate the patient is an important part of the any surgery process, especially cosmetic. We invite you to meet with Dr. Trakos. Please feel free to contact us to explore your cosmetic surgery options and learn how you can look your best.




In the past 10 years the art of plastic surgery and cosmetic eyelid surgery has undergone dramatic changes. With the evolution in surgical techniques and medical knowledge we have seen the emergence of sub-specialization. The anatomy around the eyes and orbit is both delicate and complex.

Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a specialized area of ophthalmology that deals with the management of deformities and abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, the orbit (the bony cavity surrounding the eye), and the adjacent face. 

An oculoplastic surgeon has training in both Ophthalmology and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. The subspecialty of Oculoplastics - branch of Ophthalmology –is an art that combines the detailed microsurgical techniques of ophthalmology with the aesthetic and reconstructive dimension of plastic surgery.

An ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon is an ophthalmologist (medical doctor and eye surgeon) who has completed additional training in plastic surgery as it relates to the eyes and their surrounding structures.

 The word plastic is derived from a Greek word that means to mold or to give form. Plastic surgery is surgery that molds or reconstructs parts of the human body.

Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists (eye doctors) who have specialised in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are trained to do many different types of eyelid and facial surgery, ranging from simple eyelid malpositions to more complex reconstruction involving the eyelids and surrounding forehead, temporal and cheek areas. They understand the delicate anatomy and function of the eyelids and their surrounding structures. As well as the eyelids, they specialise in the lacrimal (tear) system, the orbit (bone cavity around the eye), adjacent periocular (around the eyes) and facial structures and  the forehead and cheeks. Oculoplastic surgeons are also known as ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeons and oculo-facial surgeons. Oculoplastic surgeons assess the surface health of the eyes and function of the eyelids prior to eyelid plastic surgery. As dedicated eyelid plastic surgeons, an oculoplastic surgeon routinely does surgeries in these areas, and recognises potential problems. Oculoplastic surgeons are trained to manage the complications or eyelid and facial plastic surgery which can involve the eye itself


Why are Oculoplastic Surgeons important around the eyes?

Oculoplastic surgeons are trained ophthalmologists (eye doctors) who understand how eyelid surgery can affect the comfort of the eye and the clarity of vision. They are accustomed to working around the eye and face. 

Botox & Hyaluronic

Botox & Hyaluronic Fillers aim to the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. Botox improves the way we communicate with others in our social, personal and business life.


Blepharoplasty is one of the most common plastic procedures and is performed for cosmetic and functional reasons.


Tearing may be very bothersome as it affects vision, blurring it, especially during reading, driving, television and Computer devices (i-phone, androids, computer etc)

Stories - Testimonials of patients

Dear Dr Trakos,

I would like to thank you from my heart for your help in managing my chronic problem.

As you know I have been suffering for a lot of years from Basal Cell Carcinoma in my face and eyelids. After a lot of visits in different doctors and various treatments (radiation, cryopexies, surgeries, medicines etc), there was no improvement. In contrast, my skin disease was spread over the area around the eye. For my good fortune, a doctor referred me to you and after a successful surgical procedure you performed  to my eyelids (blepharoplasty), 2 years ago, the problem was solved and I am well now.

I was impressed from your professionalism and the depth knowledge you have in your field.

Without any doubt I recommend you everywhere!

My doctor, I wish you to be well and with your blessed hands to help all. people …